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Southern Distilling is the export and commercial arm of Hauraki Beverage covering all beverage groups from water, soft drinks and milkshakes, to fine spirits and liqueurs. From base ingredients and blends to finished mixes and bottled products that are profitable solutions. Southern Distilling draws on the Hauraki Beverage team of experts from laboratory testing to bottling solutions. Be it a new milkshake or soda blend, to an award winning spirit made from a local root crop, Southern Distilling has the experience and expertise available.

Practical Solutions

Research and development advice - from years of experience.

Practical Solutions

We’ve helped many clients develop their innovative idea, taking it form concept through to production

Flavour Blends

Arranging ingredients so your key element shines

Flavour Blends

We’ve helped create various generic fruit and food flavours right through to the interesting, intriguing, fun and bazaar.

Bulk Concentrates and Ingredients

Creating bulk concentrates can be an easier solution for manufacturing.

Yeasts, Enzymes, Malt, Syrups, Antifoam, Flavour Neutralisers

We’ve helped various clients with creating bulk concentrates formulas. We supply them as demand requires.

Bottling & Equipment

We can advise on the choices that are available as we are not financially bound to any one supplier

Bottling & Equipment

We’ve helped clients source the right equipment – from manufacturing through to bottles. 

Oak Barrels

Bourbon Barrels, Staves and Cubes

Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Toasted and Plain Oak Chips, Liquid Oak Extract


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Over the years we’ve worked with lots of companies helping them with beverage solutions

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